Sunday 6 October 2019

13 Items of Equipment

A week ago, I asked folks on Twitter to evoke a setting using only a 13-item equipment lists. They have done so!

Now I need your help. Which one do you like best? Here's what I was hoping for:

  1. Vivid: Looking over the list transports me to another time and place. It's so vivid I can almost smell it.
  2. Charged: I can feel the hopes, dreams and fears of whoever's gear this is. This is a gear list for doing things.
  3. Flexible: I could equip several different characters from this list, each of whom would be strongly drawn and distinct from one another.
  4. Distinct: The setting is an interesting take, distinct from clear genre buckets like 'fantasy' or 'sci-fi'.
  5. Subtle: The list evokes the setting through through the cumulative effect of the entries, rather than using exposition in item descriptions.

Read the entries, then vote on your favorites by liking the tweets!

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