Thursday 19 April 2012

Brighter than White

Today I came across a really interesting demonstration of how the brain perceives light and color.

In this piece by Deviant Art's algenpfleger, we look directly into the sun, which overpowers the silhouettes of the two figures.

Look at the sun directly:

("Commander's Authority" image copyright Wizards of the Coast.)

I laughed at myself when I realized I was actually squinting! Were you?

My brain was telling me that there was so much light flooding at me from the sun that I should try to cut it down by closing my eyes a little - then, perhaps, I'd be able to make out more details of the hands and jewellery.

Of course, RBG monitors can't display anything brighter than 100% white, it's all an illusion, as is plainly seen when the image is cropped in half.

The blindingly bright whiteness of the sun is no brighter or whiter than the grubby, printer-paper white of my blog.