Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Sky-Blind Spire

Titardinal's Spire is an ordinary-seeming stone tower at the edge of a large, live-giving lake. Few borderlands towers are so well placed, and it has changed hands many times. Unfortunately, Titardinal wove magic into every brick of his tower, making it a difficult place to hold onto for long. But the wizard's loftiest ambition was never achieved—perhaps you will claim it!

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  1. I ran this dungeon for a one shot and it was brilliant! Thanks. Definitely keen to try some of the others. I missed the Compendium Kickstarter - right day wrong timezone - is there a late pledge option?

    1. There's no late pledge option, but both the PDF and a POD hardcover will eventually be up on DriveThruRPG, so you haven't missed anything!

    2. Forgot to say, if you want a notification and link when those products go up, pop your email in the (very low traffic) mailing list on the sidebar, there.

    3. Great! Thanks and good luck!

  2. About to run this tonight, thanks a lot!