Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Sky-Blind Spire

Titardinal's Spire is an ordinary-seeming stone tower at the edge of a large, live-giving lake. Few borderlands towers are so well placed, and it has changed hands many times. Unfortunately, Titardinal wove magic into every brick of his tower, making it a difficult place to hold onto for long. But the wizard's loftiest ambition was never achieved—perhaps you will claim it!

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  1. I ran this dungeon for a one shot and it was brilliant! Thanks. Definitely keen to try some of the others. I missed the Compendium Kickstarter - right day wrong timezone - is there a late pledge option?

    1. There's no late pledge option, but both the PDF and a POD hardcover will eventually be up on DriveThruRPG, so you haven't missed anything!

    2. Forgot to say, if you want a notification and link when those products go up, pop your email in the (very low traffic) mailing list on the sidebar, there.

    3. Great! Thanks and good luck!