Tuesday 7 January 2014

Stellarium of the Vinteralf

Just in time for the bone-chilling cold we're experiencing here in Toronto, Michael Atlin and I have put together a winter themed one-page dungeon, the Stellarium of the Vinteralf.

It's system neutral, and will adapt easily to games like D&D, Pathfinder, or Torchbearer with a few notes in the margin.


UPDATE: To see other adventures we've made, check out the sidebar!

UPDATE: Here's the map art from the one-pager:


  1. Half my group is suddenly missing for our weekly campaign, but the other half still desperately wants to get together. This will make an excellent one or two shot for my flaky party. Thank you for posting this! #subscribed for future adventures!

    1. Oh great, hope you have fun with it. There are plenty of others already written, click on the 'adventure' tag!

  2. How do you play this, I don't see any stats for monsters, traps, etc.

    1. Justin, these are primarily for games where it's easy to stat on the fly, such as early D&D editions, Dungeon World, Maze Rats, Torchbearer, etc.

      Having said that, the compendium that was Kickstarted in May will have companion PDF documents with stats for 5e, Dungeon World and B/X, so that's one approach.

      Another approach (e.g. in the meantime) is to simply use 'similar monster' stats from whatever system you're using. Vinteralf could use Hobgoblin or Bugbear stats, perhaps, and Jokun could be a medium or small white dragon.

  3. Mentioning it here because this is the beginning of the Adventure Posts... Adventure # 21 is missing. You go right from #20 "Three For The Grave" to #22 "Chains of Heaven".

    It's not a big deal, just asking in case it was like "The Halls Untoward" and was put on DTRPG (or elsewhere) or not posted on the Patreon... or incase you had a brain fart and skipped a number and I'll just stop hunting for it? ;)

    01 Stellarium of the Vinteralf*
    02 The Steeps of Ur-Menig*
    03 A Litany in Scratches (added in later between #13 and 14)
    04 Midden of the Deep*
    05 The Cage of Serimet*
    06 TannĂ²ch Rest-of-Kings
    07 The Task of Zeichus
    08 The Coming of Sorg
    09 The Raid Mirror
    10 The Circle of Wolves
    11 Though Flesh be Vast
    12 The Necromancers' Wish
    13 The Extent of Gamandes
    14 Unmended Way
    15 Care of Bones
    16 Lantern of Wyv 1PDC
    17 House of the Tyrant
    18 Full-Dark Stone
    19 Oracle's Decree
    20 Three For The Grave
    22 Chains of Heaven
    23 Motes of Eternity
    24 Sky-Blind Spire
    25 There Is No God But Dissolution
    26 The Lenses of Heaven
    27 The Roots of Ambition
    28 Lair of the Lantern Worm
    29 The Cleft of Five Worlds
    30 The Call of the Light
    31 Veil of the Once-Queen
    32 The Moon is a Mirror
    33 The Mermaid's Knot
    34 The Halls Untoward (on DTRPG*)
    35 Basilica of the Leper Messiah
    36 The Shattered Gate
    37 The Hounds of Low Tide
    38 City of the Carreg
    39 Sirens of Sea and Blood
    40 Mulciber's Flute
    41 Can't Sleep—Clowns Will Eat Me
    42 The God Unmoving
    43 Do it for the Beast
    44 His Eternal Progress
    45 The Sorcerer's Feast
    46 The Haunting of Hainsley Hall
    47 A Clutch of Shadows
    48 The Man From Before
    49 The Wagoner's Table
    50 The Raindrinkers
    51 The Mouth of Spring
    52 The Sequence of Deel
    53 The Incursion Egg
    54 The Thwarted Course

    .* These downloads aren't numbered on the download itself, just posting the numbers in case someone else is tracking them to make sure they also got all of them, and Halls isn't numbered at DTRPG, but this is the release order on the Patreon.

    (Is my OCD showing?)

    1. I had second thoughts about #21 and didn't release it in sequence. I polished it off and released it as part of the Kickstarter campaign as a freebie for backers, and it's now in the compendium itself.

    2. Ah, Into the Silent Temple. I should have investigated the Compendium more fully, I just haven't had time to read the adventures through yet, but all I have skimmed has been excellent.

      And the Compendium's Bestiary? I think I mentioned before, perfection. Exactly what I want out of a Bestiary, short, descriptive, not wasting space with stat blocks (I know, I'm an anomaly).

  4. I couldn't find "A Clutch of Shadows". Where can I find it?

    1. Clutch of Shadows was released to Kickstarter backers, so it's part of the Compendium.

    2. Got it!

      I should probably ask elsewhere but how different are your various bestiaries?

      Lastly, do you make reasonable profit on the printed books?

    3. Well, the B/X , DW and 5e bestiaries have the same set of creatures, but with different stat blocks of course. The first two were both done by Johnstone Metzger, the latter by Jen Atkins. The YZE bestiary, Servants of Memory , had it's own Kickstarter and has a few more beasties and bonus bits.

      The profit from printed editions is okay, yes, it's shared by the contributors.

  5. Is the idea here that the starsword used to be in Thavir's scabbard but has somehow been separated? Also, why hasn't the Wyrm Jokun eaten the obligingly hibernating Vinteralf? It's established she can negotiate the passages into their hibernation chamber.