Thursday, 31 October 2019

The Sequence of Deel

High in the hills is a village plagued by nighttime poisonings. Victims claim there is a crone who comes creeping in through windows and chimneys to smother and sting them, though none has seen her in the day. If she exists, she is but one part of the sequence of Deel.
PDF Link: Sequence of Deel
Finally, I'm back to adventure-making! I wrote this adventure to explore my setting's vampires, which feature in the compendium bestiary despite only the briefest of mentions in the Task of Zeichus.

This probably won't arrive in your inbox in time to use for Hallowe'en, but I think the crone is a delightfully creepy way to hook players into a relatively classic dungeon with a twist.. or should I say a tilt.

If you enjoy short-form adventures like this, there's a compendium of 48 of them up on DTRPG!

As always, thank you to my generous Patrons, whose donations mean that the text and map art for this adventure are free for you to use non-commercially under CC-BY-NC 4.0.

Happy hacking, and close your windows tightly!


  1. Excellent to see you back to new adventures! It looks like the previous one was #50 (The Mouth of Spring) and this one is numbered 52. Is there a missing one in between that I've somehow missed?

    1. Ah yes, 51 is "Into the Silent Temple" and only appears in the compendium. Sorry for any confusion!

    2. Aha! All good, then. I'm a Kickstarter backer of the comepndium, so I've got access to it. :)