Tuesday 28 May 2019

Compendium: 48 Hours Left

We're now in the final 48 hours of the compendium Kickstarter campaign. This is your last chance to sign up for the limited edition hardcover book.

Generous backers ripped through all of the stretch goals I put down, over and over again. We now have only one left: the map pack PDF.

This means the book now contains 48 remastered adventures, settlements and wilderness regions, an illustrated bestiary, a history appendix, a detailed index, a full-color campaign map, a bonus adventure, and (as of now) 5 additional wilderness regions. Phew!

On top of that, three supplementary bestiary PDFs each add stats for Dungeon World, B/X, and 5e!

Time is running out..

So if you want in before time runs out, hop over to the Kickstarter!


  1. Hi, found this a day too late. Not really sure how Kickstarter works, is there any way I can still get in on this?

    1. The PDF will go up for sale on DriveThruRPG after the backers get theirs, and a print on demand hardcover version will also go up toward the end of the year.