Thursday 9 May 2019

$45k Kickstarter Unlock

Things have been busy over on the Kickstarter. A surge of people pushed it up to $45,000 by today (day 8), and as I write there are 997 backers.. three short of a thousand people. (?!)

The stretch goal that was unlocked today was a second gazetteer entry, this time for the south coast. Here, along a strip of rocky coastline are the ancestral lands of Grinvolt, stretching from the labyrinthine High Uttvelt all the way to slumbering Tealwood. In this entry: the hallowed stacks of Millvale, the speakers of the Talking Wood, and the crawling ghosts of Halet Girm!

This means the book is now:
  • 48 adventures
  • A bestiary of 90+ monsters, with OSR stats in a companion PDF
  • A regional hex map
  • Four pages of regional gazetteer entries
  • A history appendix on the cultures, Seree magic, and the nature of the underworld
The play-by-post mass battle against the Dradkin also took a surprising turn! The axewives picked a startling strategy to deal with a hideous monster:

If you'd like to join in, please do!

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