Sunday 16 December 2018

WIP: Seree Tribute Wagon

The holiday season is upon me, and despite everything being ridiculously busy, the anticipation is growing.

(Actually, the anticipation is pretty much everything. The idea of mulled wine is quite a lot better than actual mulled wine. Opening a big box of chocolates and poring over the little legend card to find the good one is quite a lot better than lying on the sofa with furry teeth, etc. I digress.)

I'm working on an adventure that both does a bit of world-building, but also will serve as a holiday-themed adventure location.

The idea is simple enough: the Seree used to bring food to their cities using a network of gigantic, automated collection wagons. The wagons are gone (along with the Seree), but at least one is still operational, winding its way through snowy mountain passes and along ley lines.

It's totally not driven by Santa.

EDIT: Here's a quick model in Sketchup to help me get the perspective right.

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