Saturday 1 December 2018

The Man From Before

A mountain village grows wealthy selling a strange and magical oil. But its prosperity is tied up in the legacy of a fateful war. Only the children know the cost of the work they do—at the bidding of the Man from Before.
Man From Before PDF

I can't even explain this one. On the surface, it's a pastoral mystery, suitable for low-level adventurers. Scratch that surface and there's an extremely powerful NPC, possibly an ally or mentor. Or, maybe the players will see the dynamic as monstrously exploitative and view him as a villain. Push a little harder, and there's a campaign-wrecking bomb, just waiting to go off.

Sorry, kids!

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  1. I love the concepts here, but i'm curious about the monsters you've included and listed that parties may end up fighting...
    I'm seeing no stats or skills at all, is that for us to make up, or did you have something in mind here? Thanks, I dont like taking too many liberties, as changes I have to implement make it more and more mine and less and less yours. Thanks!

    1. Hey there, Unknown! Glad you like it. For stats, it depends on what system you're using - there are now Trilemma bestiaries for 5e, B/X, Dungeon World, and Year Zero Engine-based games.

    2. This is totally mad! Well done, Thank you

  2. I ended up including this in Stonehell, it fit in way better than you'd think, and you can tie every aspect of it to the Dungeon's history. Great little adventure, thanks!