Saturday 7 October 2017

Narwhal Part 2

Cutting into fresh foam is such a delicious feeling. Hope I don't mess it up!

As I mentioned previously, I've cut the foam block into three pieces on diagonal lines in order to allow for a gentle S-curve in the body shape.

Cat for scale. (She's 1.8 bananas long.)

The box cutter is so much sharper than the kitchen knife, but it's short. Here I'm turning the three big blocks into cylinders.

Once that's done, I started carving down the top block into a dome for the narwhal's head.

Here's the final outer body shape. The foam shape is very faceted - I can't do any better with the tools I'm using, but when I did the centaur, the cloth covering obscured all of this.

I've carved a spiral horn out of foam, too. Here it is, with L inside holding it up from the bottom. (Nothing's attached, except the horn being held on with a pin, so this is a wobbly stack.)

I can't shake the impression that it looks like a Dalek made from meringue!

Now I need to start figuring out how the jaw is going to look - there are lots of little problems. Just the sculpt is one task, but then - how to join the lower lip (which is a tube of pipe insulation) at the corners of the mouth? How will I cover it with fabric in a way that doesn't make it look like a terrifying wrinked-up skin. Who knows..

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