Monday 2 October 2017

Narwhal Part 1

Halloween approaches, and with no time to spare we've started on L's costume. This time it's her turn to have an elaborate costume, after the centaur and giant that E got years ago.

She's gonna be a narwhal! Here it is, freshly delivered from the foam store!

It's hard to tell that it's actually a narwhal, but we still need to extract it from the foam block. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

It takes years of practice and planning to get the perfect amount of derp.

I'm using scale cutouts to plan the carving. The current thinking is an articulated jaw, possibly using bungee cord to spring-load it so it stays half open, but L can make it move up and down.

Because the narwhal has something of an S-curve to its body shape, I'm going to be cutting the foam block into three sections with diagonal cuts, and reassembling it so the block has a slight zig-zag shape to it.

A scale cut-out of L helps verify that she'll still be able to fit inside. In later postings I'll show the plans for how her arms will attach to the flippers, the harness that holds it off her head, and the jaw assembly.

Stay tuned!

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