Friday 11 March 2016

The Motes of Eternity

This adventure heads into the steaming jungles of South Wyv, a lush, volcanic peninsula.

River travel being much easier than hacking your way through the jungle, it's most likely that the players will encounter Nulga's cave first. This is one of the possible hooks - Nulga knows a lot about wizards and their ways. His knowledge might even be the players' goal.

Dendra knows a lot, too - in particular about the ancient world and its deepest magics. But talking to her should feel like going to a serial killer for advice. She honestly believes that the gods are wayward, primal impulses to be avoided, and the best course of action is to flout their intentions as flagrantly as possible. (She knows nothing about more recent demigods like Cicollus or Deel.)

The unearthing of her temple will have been noticed by sensitives a long way away. She has no expansionist agenda, but her message will appeal to the worst sorts of people.

The Motes are a new people, but avoid playing them as rubes. They've had to learn quickly in a dangerous environment, and they've been the first ones to recognize Nulga's well-meaning guidance is out of touch with the challenges they face. Dendra has exploited this, to make her point, and doesn't truly care whether the motes live or die.

The Void Gulls around the river system are lost, and not an organized threat, but it's their frantic attempts to escape that have exposed the long-buried Pyramid of Dendra.  Their shatterwisping, and possibly fragments of the dread scepter are the most useful "treasures".

Here are the art pieces, released for reuse under CC-BY-NC.

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