Tuesday 28 February 2017

The Moon is a Mirror


Toward the end of his life, King Raeldus built an enormous palace of spiritual marvels. Fearful of punishment in the afterlife, he hoped to win favor with the unseen world.

To this end, he stocked his palace with altars to every cult and religion he could find. Through donations, command, and threats, he saw that every one of them was maintained by representatives of the religion. In some cases, whole splinter sects were transplanted to the palace.

Foolish of that sort never lasts long, and a century later the palace was home only to ghosts, animals and the occasional bandit. That is, until the Sage of Lune arrived.

A fittingly remote place to carry out her work, for years the Sage used her mystical lenses to scry out omens and prophecies by gazing at the surface of the moon. She called it a mirror, a reflection of our earthly existence, and said that the mirror image of every person.

Those willing to make the long trek to the palace, and the harrowing trek through the palace itself, could be sure of a wise insight as a reward for their efforts.


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    1. Thanks, Evan! When I ran it, the players were in possession of a 'gray knife', which cuts the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead. When shit hit the fan in the cupoloa, full of brass soldiers, they players responded by cutting the images of the moon in the water. I decided this would open a portal to the actual moon, which made the whole scene like the final showdown in Aliens, with the open airlock door. That was a pretty epic way for the fight to end!

    2. Oh, meant to say. The version of this in the compendium fixes a problem with room numbering; there aren't quite enough for the randomization to work if I recall correctly. It's also one of the few adventures that stayed three pages.

    3. I just saw the coffee table version of compendium volume 1. I'm glad Moon is a Mirror was included. Ordered immediately.

  2. Wow. And yeah I am now inspired to use at most 3 pages. This proves what you can do with "all that space" hah!

  3. Hi Michael, correct me if I am mistaken, but I seem to have overlooked the room #8 of the lower rooms. Am I missing something? Anyway, no big deal, as I put something from my campaign there... Love your material, great stuff! Regards, Oli

    1. Yes, quite right. This was corrected in the compendium!