Friday 9 October 2015

Making a 3D Map, Part 3

It's finally done! This has probably been the largest, most complicated traditionally-drawn map I've done so far.

As explained in previous posts, I don't have a scanner large enough for me to draw this at the size I wanted to work, so I decided to work piecemeal, scanning each section as I completed it, then reprinting it in cyan on card stock.

The cyan could all be all removed in Photoshop, leaving me with a mosaic of pieces to assemble.

"The old wizard hands you a map in four sections, apologizing about the size of his scanner."
I'm pretty psyched about how it turned out.  Here's the final, assembled map:

click to embiggen

To get it at proper viewing size, you'll need to check out Bedrock Games' upcoming Wuxia RPG, Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate!

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