Monday 16 June 2014

Crossing the Page Break

With all of your support, I've reached my last milestone (at least, of the ones I've thought up!)  That means - yep - I cross the page break, and everything from now on is going to be two pages.

When I got the notice, I was halfway through a little experiment - a freebie for June that is structured like a Dungeon World "front". Rather than describing an adventure-packed location, it describes an unfolding threat large enough to eventually impact the PCs, wherever they are.

It started from a question - what would happen if a pack of orcs got hold of a mirror of scrying and teleportation? Probably not much, I'm sure they'd be content to keep on hunting from their cramped, stinking orcnest. 
The Orcnest Tirru-Stryggal
They certainly wouldn't start extorting everyone within three hundred leagues, under threat of sending in a pack of orc commandos into your bedchamber in the middle of the night.  Then the nestlord starts pounding silver nails into his head and things get really bad.

Since the art's all done for the orc adventure and I'm not always by a computer to work on layout, I've started on the art for adventure 11.

The Circle of Wolves
A large clearing in an escarpment-riven forest, a convergence of ley lines gives off magical power. Over the years it has attracted worshippers, monument builders, madmen, and once a sorcerer-king.  But all that's in the past now, and it's just a creepy stone circle off in the forest.  Except that people have started to turn up half eaten.

I seem to enjoy drawing rocks!

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