Friday 29 October 2010

Centaur Goes to School

Here's a video of the centaur in motion!


  1. unfortunately my son saw your you tube video and now I am in the process of trying to make a centaur costume..... yikes!
    I cant even drill through the aluminum "straps" or the square pipe I bought. Oh sensai, can you enlighten me with your wisdom????!?! How do I drill through the aluminum?
    your design is brilliant, my skills are lacking.

  2. The costume took me a long time. It's important to start early because, especially if you haven't done it before (I hadn't) you'll need plenty of time to think through the problems that will arise. Hands down, the most time consuming part for me was designing each part.

    I'm going to make the hooves out of plastic pipe. Okay, so.. how do they attach to her feet exactly? Each of these little decision points is invisible in the final thing but takes precious hours to work out. (Either that, or you wind up with something that doesn't work right or simply breaks on the big night.)

    I say this now not to taunt you, but to make sure you seriously think about whether you have enough time.

    Send me your email address via YouTube.

    If a drill bit gets dull, it will take forever - the metal gets hot and stretches instead of eroding. Get a nice new drill bit.

    What I've been using is self-drilling screws - they cut through quickly, and each screw is a fresh drill bit. You can't go straight through two pieces of metal (there's always a gap if you do that). With a magnetic hex adapter for your drill, it goes pretty quickly. You do need to cover up the screw tips afterwards (foam and duct tape work well).

  3. I've added a 'centaur' label to all the Centaur-related posts here, so all the info I wrote up is on one page.