Wednesday 1 August 2018

His Eternal Progress

Emperor tortoises have walked the earth since before the rocks were cool; each is followed by a train of pilgrims hoping to glimpse the wisdom of the gods. No wizard has ever managed to capture one, not even the Seree—until Nauz, Lycaeum head necromancer found a horrid way to breach the ancient shell. But now what?

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Okay, I admit it, this is a weird one!

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  1. This is gold. My two favourite lines: "Venerable Ganth-Nndu is rumored
    to have spoken at the foot of the Ivory Library of Pelark, which promptly collapsed in shame at its ignorance", and "Anyone falling into the void becomes Ynth-Nndu for d6 minutes—fully inhabiting his huge body—and is then shat out (as themselves once more)".
    Classic. I hope to get to run this as a part of our hex crawl.