Thursday 30 June 2016

The Lenses of Heaven

This adventure started out with a weirder-than-usual kernel - immigration control in space.

The legendary astral city of Saaru has long been sought after by sages, adventurers.. and invaders. Once far too easy to reach, Saaru's gods sealed it off behind a hidden choke point, Tlarba.

But over the long centuries, the order that swore to protect Saaru from daemons has itself become corrupt, and what at first looks like a bureaucratic delay will soon become a nightmare for any who pass through the lenses.

Inserting Tlarba into your campaign world is easy enough - place it in front any otherworldy, interesting destination, or use it to intercept adventurers teleporting or using magical portals of whatever sort.

Thanks again to my many patrons, who along with a bunch of folks on G+ voted for this adventure to be next!

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