Friday 8 September 2017

Map Update

I've updated the map to v1.12, adding the last few adventures. I'm also going to be maintaining two versions - the original, with all the adventures located on it in blue..

..and a second, 'Atlast-style' version that has all the adventures removed and only shows the place names that surface-dwellers would know:

I've also changed the legend from 24 miles/hex to 8 leagues/hex, which is about the same distance, but is my preferred unit these days (along with 'paces') given the whole imperial vs. metric deal.

Friday 1 September 2017

Basilica of the Leper Messiah

The inestimable (and generous) Andy Action hit me up with a concept for a short adventure over a year ago. I'd always intended to do it up, but time sure flies.

Nestled within the city of Owlshade is a walled-off enclave, filled with everyone afflicted by the plague. This miserable patch is ruled over by Husmanna, a cadaverous sorcerer who blasphemously extended his own life centuries ago.

Basilica is deadly back door into Owlshade (or whatever fantasy city of your own design you insert it into). Using treatments only he can provide, Husmanna adopts the afflicted from wealthy families, extending their lives. For centuries, he has cultivated his influence over the noble families this way.

The Basilica would make a suitable addition to a fantasy city where the players are looking for a seedy way to buy influence.

There's a downright apocalyptic angle to this adventure, however. If adventurers are careful it won't trigger, but this has the potential to completely explode.

As always, the text and art are released under CC-BY-NC thanks to generous Patrons.. like Andy!