Tuesday 31 May 2016

There Is No God But Dissolution

As her first and final act, the God of Dissolution evaporated into nothingness. This act of divine self-abnegation echoed through the cosmos, an undeniable proof of what had been thought impossible: even the gods can die.

And die they did, in untold numbers--some torn from reality by their kin, some eroded by dalliances with caustic energies. Some merely lost in the trackless expanse of night.

But even in their passing from the world, mortals came forth to worship and cherish them. A brave and mad few dared collect their broken bodies and bury them, or so the legends say.

A tomb of dead gods would be a dangerous place indeed. Fortunately, no such place exists.

Just kidding, of course it exists.

This month's adventure is a collaboration with the inestimable +Evey 'Edward' Lockhart, who knows her way around a one-page dungeon as well as anyone. I provided the map, and she stocked it wickedly.

As always, many thanks to my Patrons for their support. There's been a mad rush of you arriving from Geek & Sundry in the last few days, welcome!

Because of your support, all of the text and imagery in these adventures is released under CC-BY-NC 3.0. If those terms work for you, feel free to reuse any of this adventure in your own non-commercial publications.

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  1. I just ran this for a one-shot with only 45 minutes heads up! It worked great!
    I have your trilemma book and quickly flipped through it, this map caught my eye. I just added a treasure the PCs needed to get and a rival adventuring party just behind them.
    Thanks for your great work!