Wednesday 12 March 2014

The Cage of Serimet

For my fourth adventure, I thought I'd return to the three-dimensional map style that I liked so much for Stellarium.  In the Cage of Serimet, a dying order of paladins does the best they can to contain an erratic and vain summoner.  What will happen when the PCs arrive on the scene?
'Cage' could be inserted into a campaign world either as a standalone destination, or as part of a larger cavern system.  Unlike the previous adventures, the opposition isn't quite as clear here - the players are walking into a somewhat stable (if somewhat precariously balanced).

Of course, depending on how you hook it into your campaign, it could be that they arrive planning to slay Yorta once and for all.  Or perhaps they're coming to rescue him on behalf of a hermetic order.  But if you play it as a stable situation the players will likely upset, things could go any number of ways.  Both factions in this situation are potentially valuable allies - the Order may be dying out, but they have a ton of expertise and would make valuable mentors.  On the other hand, probably has even more to offer for just the right sort of help.

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UPDATE: Here's the map art for the adventure, released under CC-BY-NC.

Map: The Cage of Serimet

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