Friday 17 February 2023

The Cyberpunk We Got

Taking a covid test in a car speeding through the rain at night feels very cyberpunk. International travel, backseat chemistry..  all I need is a red dot sight on me from a blacked out Mercedes. That makes up for it all.. right?

I guess you can have column A, but not without a little column B.

d10 The future is here but with..
  Implanted augmentation captchas
  Smartgun roaming charges
  Mirrorshades ransomware
  Self-driving car microtransactions
  DIY gene mod banned by moderators
  Retractable finger blade unskippable ads
  Wired reflexes no longer supported
  Designer social movement remotely bricked
  Hacking deck OS Incompatibility
  Monofilament katana supply chain problems


  1. Great, so true!

  2. This is great!

    You have "wired reflexes" twice. :-)

  3. I'm stealing this for my Traveller campaign. I will do you the courtesy of not telling my long-suffering players who the author of their misery is. :D