Friday 24 December 2021

The Gig

Week 1, not so bad. Freezing my ass off in this van, putting up microphones. Weirdest job ever, hanging microphones in suburbia, but it pays.

Week 2, fuck this job, the heater died. The prof said the mics have to go up, though, something about holes in time series data. This JOB is a hole in time.

Week 3, apparently I'm recording dog barks. People leaving their dogs out in the cold, some SPCA thing? Ugh night shift, say hi to the gang for me.

Week 4, not SPCA. So, like, dogs bark and it makes other dogs bark, and the prof thinks it's some kind of dog internet. That's why we need so many mics, they need to see the patterns.

Week 5, kids stole the mic on Dane street, now there's "a hole". I'm going to be doing this until March. No dice with the heater, but I now have a coffee card. Bought long johns.

Week 6, got to see the map. It's pretty cool, the dogs set each other off. Everyone seemed really bummed though, something about missing resonance. There were supposed to be 'ripples'. Heater is working again!

Week 7, no resonance, but there are "rays". Dogs start barking after each other, but only in long lines, then a bit later, back again. Looks neat on the map, like tree branches. Prof still bummed.

Week 8, I fucking HATE Dane St.

Week 9, Juan's in town, came with me on the run bc "No holes!" Out all night, froze our asses off. Rav has taken over at the lab, he wants more data about the "rays".

Week 10. Juan saw the map, noticed the rays all start at different parts of the ravine. Prof was PISSED. (She's back now.) Apparently dogs barking at raccoons doesn't get funding? No more map time for us, just mic dropoffs. Coffee card ran out.

Week 11. Juan said 'ray 4' ends near that house on Groen where that guy got murdered, the same night it happened. Creepy! He got a picture of the map on his phone, he's working on the others. Can we talk abt something else? Ffs

Week 12, Juan's lost it, he's obsessed. They ALL end in murders. Thinks it's not dogs barking at each other, but something going past and freaking them out. Smth they can hear, but we can't. What the hell is "something"? Wants to stake out the ravine. Idgaf, 2 weeks and I'm done.

Week 13. DO NOT go in the ravine. I'll text later. Just stay the fuck away from it


  1. This is one hell of a setup.

    1. Right? Have this in the background of another adventure, a buddy or contact of the "monster hunting" party, over a couple of weeks whenever they talk the contact/friend mentions the new job putting up mics around town, maybe has the adventurer put up a couple of mics in their neighborhood, make it memorable.

      Then the buddy goes missing and these texts/blog posts/etc are the only clues...

  2. I love it! ...Time to dig out "Monster of the Week"!