Sunday 11 July 2021

More MOSAIC Strict Sets!

It's been a few months since I posted about MOSAIC Strict, but a bunch more rule sets have appeared. Too many for me to do justice to each one, but I've returned to keeping the Mosaic Strict Rule Sets spreadsheet up to date!

Last time around, there weren't any rules for making characters; a number of people have addressed this with new systems ranging from the very generic to the highly specific!

Here they are, 22 new modular rule sets to mash together with each other, or to add to existing games:


Character Creation


  1. Have you ever played something like Skyrim, or Baldur's Gate II going back a little further, that's got this growing library of mods to bolt onto, warp, and experiment with your installed game to see if you can get the play experience you want?

    Looking at a list of MOSAIC Strict modules, and pondering how one might assemble them to play an actual game, kinda feels like that but for TTRPGing...

  2. I don't know if I need more attestation than just saying so here, but I conceived of my tweet-length death save system as a MOSAIC Strict rule set:

  3. Thanks for mentioning our game, The Coolest Combat System! I really appreciate that, and it has helped gather some interest in the system as well! This was actually our first game, so I'm glad it's doing as well as we had hoped, if not better!