Monday 20 May 2019

5e Stats for Trilemma Adventures

Over on the Kickstarter, first we unlocked B/X stats, then we unlocked Dungeon World stats. Now it's time for the big one:

Fifth edition.

Do you love 5e? Do you know Dungeon Masters who do?  If so, please help spread the word, so we can rip the lid right off this thing and unlock everything.

* * *

If you're joining the battle late and you've missed the play-by-post action, you can catch up here!

Here are all five of the comic updates:

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

..and here is the complete map of the fortress—at least, the bits that the axewives are aware of so far.


  1. Oh I'm even more tempted to back this now; I would much rather play Dungeon World and was hoping to try it out, but my group is big into 5e so it's good to have stuff to fall back on!

    So does this mean the adventures will be more "levelled" for 5e than the others, due to the CR scaling?

    1. No, OSR sensibilities still apply. It would be possible to work out the CR given typical player behavior, but I'm not tweaking the content of the adventures themselves to balance them.

      I think of it a bit like a town - how tough is a town? If you go in guns blazing, it's pretty tough. I tend not to write thrill rides where you have to do specific things in sequence (with the possible exception of Lantern of Wyv, where the flying boat imposes an order if players don't have their own means of reaching the Lantern).

    2. I like this. I like to think the world exists separately to the players and the CR arms race.