Thursday 4 April 2019

Compendium Kickstarter: May 1


All right, the date is set! The Trilemma Adventures Compendium will be Kickstarting on May 1. If you want an email notification when it launches, sign up on the right-hand sidebar.

The book will contain 48 adventures, regions and settlements, along with a table of contents, adventure summaries (so you can choose quickly), and a full index. (Curious how bad the isopod infestation is? Now you can find out.)

Everyone who backs (at any level) immediately gets the two-page adventure, Clutch of Shadows, in which a garrison of Grinvolt is trying to hold a captured dradkin Sun Temple. On May 1, I will reveal the first section of the still-occupied fortress, deep below the temple.

When the Kickstarter campaign begins, so does the assault. Trying to pre-empt a dradkin counter-attack, the assembled warriors of Grinvolt will fight their way down into the fortress. Every backer represents a soldier in the assault, and as the campaign hits milestones, more of the map will be revealed.

As well as more map, each milestone also unlocks a random stretch goal. The Grinvolt force doesn't know what it's going to find down there, old-school style.

I'm keeping the campaign low risk - I want to get this thing shipped so I can get back to making adventures. Still, I can't resist putting in a few goodies on the treasure table. If the campaign goes well, the book stands to include things like:

  • A big table of leads and adventure hooks, all pointing to the adventures
  • A new scenario, set in the aftermath of the assault on the dradkin fortress
  • A bestiary, consolidating descriptions of the nearly 100 monsters in the adventures
  • An updated version of the big campaign map, turning the separate adventures into a sandbox
  • Two-page regional gazetteers, in the style of Cleft of Five Worlds, or Roots of Ambition
If the right milestones are hit, there could also be separate bestiary PDFs with stats for B/X, Dungeon World, or both.

The book itself is a hardcover from DriveThruRPG, printed in premium color on heavyweight paper. It's a wide book, in fabulous landscape letter - flop it open behind your GM's screen and you're ready to go.

If you'd like an email when the campaign goes live (or when new adventures are published), you can sign up to the mailing list on the right-hand nav bar over there on the right [waves pretend hands].

On May 1, we descend!