Saturday 3 November 2018

Haunting of Hainsley Hall

Almost but not quite in time for Halloween, here's a haunted mansion! It's a whimsical twist on the haunted house: in this case, it's the ghosts that want the adventurers to help them out.

This adventure is a collaboration with Skerples, well known for his OSR-focused Coins and Scrolls blog.
Haunting of Hainsley Hall PDF

Usefully, the first d10 results on the encounter table could easily be used in the area (or city) around the mansion—for example, appearances by grisly ghosts trying to get the adventurers into contact with the medium.

What's great about Skerples' ghosts is the way the tone could vary so widely. One of my favorites is Rex, the crushed spaniel, which could easily be hilarious or terrifying (mostly depending on the spaniel's mood and how he 'moves', I will suggest).

Similarly, the "danger level" of this adventure depends quite a bit on:

  • What ghosts do in your system (ranging from 'boo' to level drain)
  • Whether they're amiable and understand the adventurers are there to help (if indeed they are), or whether they're dissociated and anguished.


  1. Very cool adventure! But short of a ghost... The first column enumerates thirteen ghosts, but on the encounter table there are only twelve.