Wednesday 1 April 2015

In The Care of Bones

For this month's adventure, I collaborated with the inestimable +Sean Winslow.  He handed me a sheaf of hand-drawn sketches of the site some months ago, curious to see what I'd do with them. His halo of margin notes was very inspiring!

An underground shrine at the center of a grassy plain was once a widely known destination for pilgrims in search of miraculous healing.

Now, with no pilgrims about, the energies of the place have been directed toward a clan of velvet spiders, who have grown to great size and ability.

I'm pleased with the result. I had fun grounding it in prairie details, but there's a hefty dose of whimsy mixed in with the usual deadliness.

+Tim Groth has already come up with several ideas for how to weaponize vain hope!

As usual, this is released under CC-BY-NC. Feel free to pull it apart and do your own thing with it so long as it's non-commercial.

EDIT: Graphics!

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