Thursday 19 June 2014

The Raid Mirror

Here's adventure #9, The Raid Mirror.  This started out as an experiment for a June freebie, which is why it's such a different format!

It has a Dungeon World "front" style, meaning that it's a bunch of terrible badness that can happen if the PCs don't act to change the course of events.

Download it, kill your PCs, and tell me about it!

Graphic Files

As usual, everything is free for non-commercial use under CC-BY-NC-3.0.

Monday, I showed the art for Circle of Wolves - well, I find myself in an unusual situation in that I'm ahead of myself on maps!  This one is coming down the pike, the first two-map two-pager, following an idea that Shane King gave me.  Here's the exterior view:

I still love drawing rocks

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